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This show is about a young African woman’s pursuit for true love.

After several attempts at unsuccessful relationships, she resorts to an unconventional method in hopes of finding that special someone. This involves the initial auditioning of about 20 men who are equally in search of love and subsequently selecting 10 to compete in a mansion housing all of them alongside Efia and her two advisor friends. This unorthodoxy doesn’t particularly sit well with her friends and family, but as far as she’s concerned, the risk is worth it.

Similar to other reality shows of this nature, her plan is to evict one undeserving candidate every week until there’s one man left to fill the void in her life. Considering that this undertaking is extremely important to Efia, the eviction process won’t be so simple; it will be based on a competitor’s performance on a given challenge, behavior towards Efia and other competitors, Efia’s friends’ inputs and finally, Efia’s overall analysis of everything within the week. 

Efia is a Ghanaian American woman who spent most of her life in the States and happens to entertain the stereotypes that African men are misogynistic, non-romantic and are not receptive to the opinions of their women. 

For a man to qualify to be a part of this show, he must be African/Black, but also have a western perspective. In other words, the perfect candidate must be a perfect blend of an African and a Westerner.


Andromade Peters

Friend adviser