1. Episode One: Pilot 
  2. Episode Two: Mansion Set Up
  3. Episode Three: Who Cooks Best
  4. Episode Four: Who Will Protect Me
  5. Episode Five: Babysitting Me
  6. Episode Six: Knowing Your Family
  7. Episode Seven: Vision For Life
  8. Episode Eight: Time With Exe’s 
  9. Episode Nine: Date Night 
  10. Episode Ten: Cab Webs 

Episode 1:  Ride to the Mansion

This episode is about Efia’s reason for this whole show. Efia has already stated in Ghana in an interview that she had dated several men but has not really found a man with the whole package for her. As a result, she was going back to the U.S. to rekindle the relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

When Efia gets to the states, her sister and ex-boyfriend pick her up from the airport. She gets home and tells her mom and uncle about her plans over dinner and they aren’t very happy about her intentions. They make that known to Efia after the ex leaves the house. Her mom suggests that she forgets about her ex and move on with her life as that relationship did not go well. Her mom reminds her about some of the worse moments in her relationship with her ex for her to realize what she might be getting herself into and further asks her to go ahead and find herself a nice African man in America who will make her happy. Efia heeds that advice eventually and decides that if she has to find a man, she has to do it her own way, and that is setting up an audition to have a reality show from which she could select a life partner.

The competitors who are selected from the audition come into the mansion and reveal their intentions to Efia.


Episode 2: The Party Set up

Efia organizes a house party for all the competitors to interact and get to know each other. “Mr. Pimp,” just being himself, disappoints Efia in this episode by sneaking one of Efia’s female friends into a room at the party to try to get his way. One of Efia’s adviser friends tips her off and she confronts her other friend about the details of the escapade.


Episode 3: Who Cooks Best

In this Episode, one guy offers to cook Efia breakfast and a few of the competitors hear it and also offer to do the same. Efia ends up asking all of them to cook dinner for her. Later on, she invites her chef friend to the house for the competitors to cook dinner from their respective countries or whatever they want. Efia selects who impressed her most about the cooking challenge.

Episode 4: Who will Protect Me

Efia and her friends, along with the competitors are going for a jog around the neighborhood and Efia’s get kidnapped at gun point while the men watch in fear. Efia is disappointed at all the men but one’s reaction to the staged kidnapping and finally decides to take them to a dojo to get some self-defense classes.

At the Dojo, she gets to see those who really have the potential to protect her. She also gets an unexpected revelation from a female instructor about one of the competitors after he gets a beatdown from the instructor.


Episode 5: Babysitting Me

This episode brings about two distinct situations; there’s a babysitting challenge for Efia to know about how these men would handle potential fatherhood and children. Efia is impressed by some and not so impressed by others.

While the challenge was going on an intimate photo of Efia surfaces on the internet and Efia gets furious over it. With this new situation, Efia and her friends decide to get a private investigator involved to fish out who could be behind this unscrupulous act. Culprit is found.

Episode 6:  Knowing Your Family

As a result of what has happened in the previous episodes, Efia feels the need to dig deeper into the lives of these competitors, and through no one else but they themselves. She sets up a darkroom where they could say anything in an attempt to purge themselves of whatever they might be hiding before she goes the extra mile to find out. Some come clean, some lie.

Efia nevertheless has a surprise for someone in the house.


Episode 7: Vision for Life

Efia takes some alone time at the pool with her friends reflecting on life; the good and the bad. She had thought about just making it a day free of challenges due to some issues that have come up back to back for a couple days in the mansion. She felt stressed and wanted a day off. However, she notices her female friend reading a book about “business plans for the future” and she realizes that could be another way to get to know these guys on another level, so she decides to execute a more laidback challenge based on the title of the book. She lets them tell her their 5-year plan.

Episode 8: Time with the Exes.

Efia gets an unexpected guest in the mansion; her American ex-boyfriend. He brings her flowers and tries to win her back. Efia is not very happy about the visit and feels confused. Her female friend tries to encourage her to give him a chance but in another way; he can win her back if he’s brave and patient enough to join the competition.

The guys protest about the ex-boyfriend joining the competition and that triggers Efia to also let an upset ex in only prove to the guys that we all have our pasts.

Episode 9: Date Night

In this Episode, Efia gives the remaining competitors (4 guys) a chance to set up a date with her and show how romantic they can get anywhere inside or outside the mansion but in the premises. They all come up with something unique and she bases her eviction off of her experience. In this episode Efia also gathers some potentially damaging information about one of the competitors that might send him home.

Episode 10:

This is the final and one of the most unexpected episodes. The last TWO candidates have to be their best selves to be Efia’s ultimate choice.

Efia was torn between these two guys but finally has an easier time deciding her “African Love” as she acquires concrete proof that one of the finalists is in a relationship that he’s been hiding. Although this revelation makes it easier for Efia to eliminate one, it doesn’t make the ‘winner’ feel any better because he feels he didn’t get a fair shot at really winning, and that he only won because the other guy had an issue. He tells Efia he cannot be with her and walks away.